Thank you for visiting Invisimple Ummi – Gorjes Wardrobe by Miara’s. These are frequently asked questions that I receive on a regular basis.  I hope that you find them useful, but if you can’t find your question, please feel free to contact us.

Pattern Questions

    • What is a PDF pattern

      A PDF pattern is a sewing pattern that is made to be viewed and/or printed on your home computer. All types of computers and most devices can view the pattern. There is a step by step tutorial as well as printable pattern pieces if applicable..

    • Do I need to register an account to purchased the pattern?

      Yes you need to register before purchased in this website iugwbm.com. Click here to register

    • How do I view or print my pattern?

      To view or print the pattern, you will need to have a PDF reader downloaded on your device. For most computers and laptops, this PDF reader is adobe reader. It is a free program available at www.adobe.com. Many windows devices use a program that is similar to adobe reader, however, sometimes our patterns do not open properly with this program. We can only recommend opening with adobe acrobat reader.

    • Where is the pattern that I purchased?

      After purchase you will receive an email with a download link. If you lose the download link, don’t worry. Simply log into your account and click on “orders”. Your download will be waiting for you there as well. There are up to 10 downloads per purchase. The limit is simply to help with file sharing abuse.

    • Can I get a refund if I don’t like the pattern?

      PDF pattern cannot be returned or refunded

    • What is ZIP file in my orders?

      To open a Zip File please click here for the explanation.

  • Can I sell products made from iugwbm.com patterns?

    Yes. Part of my mission to help others, is providing them with tools to make things for their families. If you start up an online business, whether on Facebook, or your own online store, I only ask that you add a note that mentions that the design was from our site. I watch my referral sites closely, so when someone asks me if I will make a custom order, I happily refer them to you!